The First 5-Months of 2024: the Jaz Collection


As we reflect on our journey up to 2024, we've had the privilege of participating in numerous festivals and art craft shows, connecting with new customers, and refining our product offerings based on their valuable feedback. 

Our new connections & customers have played a pivotal role in shaping the evolution of the Jaz Collection. Their input has guided us in selecting scents for our balms, lotions, and car fresheners, leading to the addition of popular choices like vanilla lavender, saffron wood, and the beloved Sweet Dreams coconut milk lotion. The introduction of Himalayan Zen car fresheners has also been met with enthusiastic reception. 

Our recent ventures to Middleton, Delaware, and participation in the Women's Expo of Lancaster County have allowed us to expand our reach and refine our offerings. The Women's Expo, in particular, helped us focus on enhancing our lip care line, culminating in the development of the shea butter lip scrub. With each passing month, we've grown stronger, more knowledgeable, and maintained a consistent work ethic, reflecting our dedication to continuous improvement. 

Events such as the food catered show in Morgantown and the Coatesville business incubator have provided invaluable insights into our customers' preferences. For instance, feedback from a black history showcase in February prompted us to incorporate saffron wood into our balm lineup. Connections made at events like the one at Ebenezer Full Gospel have led to exciting new additions to our collection, such as the Aqua Temptation scent. 

We also have grown locally, with our recent show in West Whiteland gaining traffic to summer shows in Coatesville to holiday shows we are prepared for in Parkesburg, we have grown tremedously these first 5-months and look to gain more traction going into the summer, fall and holiday season. 

As we gear up for the Roxborough Festival of Philadelphia in May and anticipate a busy summer ahead, we're excited to embark on new opportunities across various counties of Pennsylvania and Delaware. We invite you to follow along as we continue to share our journey with you and introduce exciting new products along the way. 

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