A Memorable Debut at the Lancaster County Women's Expo: Reflections from 2u4Home LLC

 On April 6th, 2024, 2u4Home LLC embarked on an exciting journey as we introduced the Jaz Collection at our inaugural Women's Expo of Lancaster County, PA, the 10th Annual Spring Expo, held at the  Wyndham Resort Convention Center. Pleasantly, we had the opportunity to showcase our products, sell, and connect with a diverse community. 

The highlight of the day was witnessing Jaz, at 10 years old, engage with women from various walks of life, proudly presenting her creations. As a parent and entrepreneur, seeing her growth and confidence in showcasing her products was a source of immense joy for me. 

Each visitor had the opportunity to take home a gift, allowing them to experience our products firsthand and share their feedback with others. This generosity not only left a positive impression.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who stopped by booth 52 at the Lancaster County Women's Expo. Your enthusiasm for our products, appreciation of our branding, and support for our family business were truly humbling. This event marked the beginning of our journey to establish a presence across Pennsylvania and expand into the tri-state area. 

Among the products that garnered attention were our lip scrub sets, featuring a luxurious white sugar lip scrub paired with tantalizing watermelon lip gloss. The soothing balm, available in captivating scents like Saffron Wood, Vanilla Lavender, and Mango Coconut, received rave reviews from attendees. Additionally, our range of car fresheners added to the charm of our display.

We simply had a wonderful day. 

Next weekend, we will be in Downingtown, PA on Friday Night, a start to the Women's Weekend of Ebeenzer Full Gospel 

&& on Saturday, we will be at the Christiana Fire Hall of Christiana, PA.  

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