2024 - Much More in Store

After achieving a step into the realm of our journey with new found successes, we have finalized the route we are taking with the Jaz Collection - which we hope you all enjoy as well. 

In May of 2023, through invitation, we were able to supply the Cheyney Alumni and current student/employee population with various scents of our Body Butter Balm and roller oils. A very exciting day, which allowed Jazlynn to see how far her collection can go - with hard-work any goal is possible. 

This set the tone for 2024. Being vendors at bigger shows, transitioning into the use of essential oils and being in attendance at holisitc shows, as well as festivals throughout the warm months will bring more awarenes and visiblity to our brand. This will allow for honest feedback and understand what works and what does not. 

As I, Peter, learning entrepreneurship and how to network with various retailers, incorporating wholesale into our business plan has become a passion. We hope that you enjoy our products, see the improvements from where we began in 2021, to where we are going & most importantly support - because your support is key. 

With the Jaz Collection, you'll Impress. Never Stress. With glowing texture and skin tone, we hope to bring positive vibes that fragrance and essential oils bring us. 

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