The Dynamic Daddy Daughter Duo & Our First Start

In the whirlwind of 2021, a year that brought unprecedented challenges to families worldwide, the seeds of 2u4Home LLC were sown. At the helm of this family venture was the Dynamic Daddy Daughter Duo - Jaz & Peter.

Our journey began with a local vendor showcase at our home church in Downingtown, PA. In the two weeks leading up to the event, our family trio meticulously crafted an array of sprays and candles, laying the foundation for what would become 2u4Home LLC. The simplicity of the process marked a humble start, but it was a start nonetheless.

As the fall of 2021 unfolded, our focus shifted to selling candles and wax tarts at various shows. With each event, our offerings expanded, evolving into a diverse range of products. Some stood out as key items, such as our body salve and car diffusers, giving rise to our flagship brand, 'the Jaz Collection.'

Fast forward to 2022, a year that saw the world picking up speed, mirroring the accelerated growth of our small business. Monthly showcases became the norm, and our family delved deeper into perfecting scents for candles, body balm, car diffusers, goat milk soap, and more. This hands-on approach allowed us to understand the preferences of our local consumers intimately.

In the spotlight were the daddy-daughter duo, exemplifying the daily grind required to balance Peter's work and Jaz's elementary school commitments. Jaz, a budding entrepreneur, embraced the opportunity to learn the intricacies of running a business alongside her dad. Witnessing the interactions at showcases, she gained valuable insights into the hard work necessary to explain and showcase our products effectively. 

Jaz's early involvement in the business reflects her eagerness to contribute and lead at a young age. As she absorbs the dynamics of entrepreneurship, she is preparing herself to navigate future venues with confidence. In the world of 2u4Home LLC, passion and entrepreneurship form the backbone, propelling us through the highs and lows, while hard work remains the driving force behind reaching our goals. 

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